Witnesses: A Sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Let us pray. Lord, may the love you have lavished on us Be made visible through these words. Amen. ………………. One thing I’ve noticed as my friend’s kids have started talking Is that I have to be pretty careful what I say around them. I learned this the hard way in my own childhood. When […]

Writing Round-Up!

I’ve written a bit around the net lately, so here are a few links to my recent (and not quite so recent) things: My article “Imago Dei and Fantasy Religions: Defeating Violence Against Women Throughout the Realms” was finally published. I wrote for Revision Matters about how moving to Canada has opened a new perspective on […]

John 3:16

May I speak in the name of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Amen. …………… My friend Luci has a problem. Surprisingly often, She finds herself using words to mean The exact opposite Of their actual meaning. She’s not off by a little bit. She’s 180 degrees in the wrong direction. She uses the […]

Finish Then Thy New Creation

Announcement time! As many of you have probably heard, my family has made a big life change: we moved to Canada. In September, I began serving as rector of Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This incredible church is devoted to serving its neighbourhood, and I am really excited to be a part […]