ultimate-quest-coverJordan is the author of The Ultimate Quest: A Geek’s Guide to (the Episcopal) Church, an introduction to the adventure that is following Jesus in the Episcopal way. Her light and funny style (and nerd-tastic references) make the impenetrable mysteries of theology, liturgy, and church history accessible for all readers, whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek. All nerds and church geeks are welcome on this quest.

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Praise for The Ultimate Quest

“Jordan Haynie Ware wants to make church fun and challenging again, and she succeeds through a combination of reverence, knowledge, and popular culture references that dare readers to reconceptualize what belief can mean for Episcopalians today. This is a thorough, thoughtful, and entertaining book.” – Kaya Oakes, editor and contributing writer for

“I found myself giggling with recognition at the sometimes overt, sometimes sly references to so many cherished pop subcultures. Ware’s deep geekery is matched only by her deep faith and her excitement to share both.” – Adam Thomas, fellow geek and author of Digital Disciple

“This book will make you smile, laugh, learn, read it again, and invite others to join you in the great adventure.” – C.K. Robertson, PhD, Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry Beyond the Episcopal Church

Rape Culture, Gender Violence, & Religion

Jordan’s work has also been featured in the Religion & Radicalism series. She wrote “Imago Dei and Fantasy Religions: Defeating Violence against Women throughout the Realms,” examining lessons the Church could take regarding gender based violence from the religions depicted in A Song of Ice and Fire and Battlestar Galactica. Academic volumes are notoriously expensive, but for those who’d like a copy for their very own ….IMG_7262

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